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Tube China exhibition

On September 27, Asia's largest pipeline industry event the 6th TUBE China international exhibition in Shanghai new international expo center concluded, from Germany, Italy, North America, Spain, France, Austria, South Korea, Japan pavilion have created. Shijiazhuang Lianqiang Equipment co., LTD., with advanced technical level and production technology, successful exhibited Φ 32 cold bending steel unit, attracted many domestic and foreign businessmen to stop watching and advisory negotiations, after the show and explain in detail, many customers greatly satisfied with the purchase intention.

This is an industry feast, but also a harvest trip. In the exhibition we not only won numerous domestic and foreign customers purchase intention, and we also brought many end users and dealers friend's precious opinion.

As a former Shijiazhuang Bearing factory core management, technology, production of the backbone of the new company, we have made a good development in recent years, also have a certain brand accumulation. We will also continue to improve management system, and accelerate the process of strong branding, rational in the face of market demand, make more good products for our customers.

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